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Shopping List: Ultimate

The ultimate way to organize your shopping list!

Shopping List was designed to allow you to list all of the items that you buy on a regular basis and organize/order them according to the way you shop/walk through the store. You can reorder the lists by dragging items up/down on their aisle. You can reorder the aisles by dragging them up/down the list within their store. This way, if your brick & mortar store moves an aisle, you can drag that aisle (and all of its items) to a new position in the list in one quick and easy motion.

Code Alg Training Manager

CodeAlg Training Manager (CATM) was created as a simple, intuitive means for companies of all industries to compile, organize, and store their employee training records. It was built with the ISO 9001 quality standard in mind, to assist companies with the requirement to maintain readily accessible training records. It also allows companies to track course requirements and due dates for each employee to ensure timely training; in accordance with their job description.

Checkout our User Guide for a complete description of all of the features along with screenshots of the application.

See it in action. Checkout our Live Demo. Try all of the features. Add or remove records. Create reports and certificates...

(For Demo login credentials, contact us here.)

  • Define/Track training requirements for each employee based on:
    • employee position(s)
    • training that is required for all
    • training required within a specified time after hire
    • training that is repetitive
  • Calculate Due Dates for required training
  • Enter training sessions
    • Record pass/fail and evaluation of each student
    • Create and/or Attach a training certificate for each passing student
    • Attach session attendance Log
  • Retrieve training records instantly and effortlessly during ISO 9001 Quality Audits

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